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  • Interprète: Yes
  • Titre: Коллекция Записей 1969-1998 (33 Альбома)
  • Ver. en format MP3: 1532 mb
  • Ver. en format FLAC: 2288 mb
  • Pays: Russia
  • Date de publication: 2004
  • Style: Classic Rock, New Wave, Prog Rock, Symphonic Rock
  • Label: Домашняя Коллекция
  • Classement: 4.9 of 5
  • Genre: Rock
Yes - Коллекция Записей 1969-1998 (33 Альбома) à Télécharger Gratuitement


1YesOwner Of A Lonely Heart
Performer – Jon Anderson
2YesVevey (Revisited)4:47
3YesWonderous Stories3:54
4YesLeave It4:14
5YesNo Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed4:53
6YesTime And A Word6:23
7 28-Open Your Eyes
9 27-26-Keys To Ascension 2 CD2
11YesYour Move (Single Version)3:00
12YesTime And A Word4:40
13YesSomething's Coming (Early Version)8:02
14YesAmerica (Single Version)4:13
15YesHoly Lamb3:21
16YesEvery Little Thing5:47
18YesFrom The Balcony2:43
19YesWonderous Stories3:50
20YesDance Of The Dawn (Studio Run - Through)23:36
23YesGoing For The One (Rehearsal)5:11
24YesSweet Dreams (Original Mix)4:21
25YesClose To The Edge7:40
26YesNo Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed (Original Mix)4:46
27YesEvery Little Thing5:32
Performer – Yes
29YesDear Father (Early Version #1)5:32
30YesNo Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Required4:17
31YesThe Solution23:47
32YesSomething's Coming7:39
33YesAmazing Grace2:36
34YesLong Distance Runaround7:05
36YesOn The Silent Wings Of Freedom7:46
37YesLift Me Up6:30
40 05-Close To The Edge
41YesBeyond And Before4:56
42YesClose To The Edge18:10
43YesChildren Of Light6:06
44YesFoot Prints9:09
45YesNo Way We Can Lose4:56
46YesIt Can Happen5:29
47YesClear Days2:09
48YesCircus Of Heaven4:29
49YesRitual / Nous Sommes Du Soleil21:52
50Yes10 Million
Performer – Jon Anderson
52 17-90125
53YesSomething's Coming7:59
54YesClose To The Edge
Performer – Yes
55 06-Yessongs CD1
56 26-Keys To Ascension 2 CD1
57Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweFist Of Fire3:32
58YesRhythm of Love4:48
59 24-Keys To Ascension CD1
60YesState Of Play5:01
61YesEastern Number (Early Version Of Awaken)12:17
62 23-Talk
63YesOwner Of A Lonely Heart4:30
64YesAnd You And I8:26
65YesInto The Lens8:33
66 16-Yesshows CD2
67YesLove Will Find a Way4:50
68YesDangerous (Look In The Light Of What You're Searching For)3:39
69YesThe Gates Of Delirium21:56
70YesSilent Talking4:01
71YesNo Expense Spared
Performer – Wakeman With Wakeman
72YesA Venture3:20
73YesShoot High Aim Low7:03
74YesWonderous Stories3:57
75YesStarship Trooper: (A) Life Seeker (B) Disillusion (C) Wurm9:29
76YesZone Of O
Performer – Esquire
77YesThat, That Is19:15
78YesDon't Kill The Whale3:56
79Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweThe Meeting4:24
80YesGoing For The One4:59
81YesIt Will Be A Good Day (The River)4:54
83Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweThemes5:59
85YesRun Through The Light4:21
86YesLooking Around4:20
87YesDear Father (Early Version #2)5:52
88YesSound Chaser (Single Edit)3:14
89YesTo Be Alive (Hep Yadda)5:07
91YesLooking Around3:41
92YesThe Gates Of Delirium22:43
93 02-Time And A Word
95YesShock To The System5:09
96YesFive Per Cent For Nothing0:38
97YesMood For A Day3:02
98YesFace To Face5:03
100YesMind Drive18:39
101YesBring Me To The Power7:25
102YesThe More We Live - Let Go4:54
103YesOpen Your Eyes5:14
Performer – Rick Wakeman
105YesThe More You Know
Performer – Jon Anderson
106 13-Tormato
107YesSiberian Khatru9:01
108YesFuture Times / Rejoice6:45
109YesFortune Seller5:11
110YesEndless Dream B. Talk11:56
111YesLightning Strikes4:35
112YesBeyond And Before5:27
114YesStarship Trooper13:05
115YesMiracle Of Life7:30
116 20-Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
117YesAmazing Grace2:14
118YesThe Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)13:32
119YesI See You6:53
120YesExcerpts From Tales From Topographic Oceans
Performer – Steve Howe
121YesTake The Water To The Mountain3:12
122 29-The BBC Recordings 1969 - 1970 CD1
123 03-The Yes Album
124YesTempus Fugit5:09
125YesCans And Brahms1:43
126YesGoing For The One5:33
127YesNew State Of Mind6:00
128YesTurn Of The Century7:55
131YesTo Be Over9:19
132YesThe Revealing Science Of God - Dance Of The Dawn22:37
133YesRed And White
Performer – Steve Howe
134YesI've Seen All Good People: (A) Your Move (B) All Good People6:55
135YesSiberia (Studio Run-Through)9:20
136YesThe Gates Of Delirium (Studio Run-Through)21:17
137Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweBirthright6:05
138 19-Big Generator (19879
139YesHeart Of The Sunrise11:30
141YesHold On6:44
144YesNew Language9:19
145YesEverydays (Early Version)5:19
146YesFinal Eyes6:26
Performer – Rick Wakeman
148 22-Symphonic Music Of Yes
149YesSoon (Single Edit)4:18
150 09-Tales From Topographic Oceans CD1
151YesTime And A Word4:07
152YesSound Chaser9:27
153YesStarship Trooper: Life Seeker (Single Version)3:23
154YesThe Revealing Science Of God20:32
Performer – Rick Wakeman
157YesSync Or Swim
Performer – Wakeman With Wakeman
158Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweQuartet9:23
159YesOur Song25:46
160 14-Drama
161YesWhite Car1:21
162YesTotal Mass Retain (Single Version)3:21
163 11-Relayer
164YesUp North
Performer – Bill Bruford's Earthworks
166YesAnd You And I (Alternate Version)10:18
167YesAstral Traveler5:57
168 33-Yes, Friends And Relatives CD2
169YesGoing For The One5:24
170YesArriving Ufo6:03
171 25-Keys To Ascension CD1
172YesWithout Hope You Cannot Start The Day5:19
173YesThe Ancient Giants Under The Sun18:35
174YesRelease, Release5:47
175YesWhere Will You Be6:09
177YesAstral Traveller6:02
178YesPerpetual Change8:57
179YesThe Calling6:57
180YesUniversal Garden6:16
183YesSweet Dreams4:15
184YesI Would Have Waited Forever6:33
185YesThe Remembering - High The Memory20:53
186YesAnd You And I10:09
187 21-Union
188YesSweet Dreams3:26
189YesRoundabout (Early Rough Mix)8:35
190YesSweet Dreams3:52
191YesI've Seen All Good People3:51
192YesStarship Trooper10:13
Performer – Jon Anderson
194YesThe Prophet (Single Version)6:34
195YesThe Fish (Shindleria Praematurus)2:42
196YesHold On5:18
197YesIf Only You Knew5:43
Performer – Steve Howe
200YesEndless Dream C. Endless Dream1:52
201YesTron Thomi
Performer – Esquire
202Yes(Intro) Sweetness5:17
203YesReal Love8:49
204YesSomething's Coming7:10
205Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweOrder Of the Universe9:02
206YesClap (Studio Version)4:02
207YesSiberian Khatru10:17
210 04-Fragile
211YesAnd You And I9:33
213YesHolding On5:25
215YesThe Pyramids Of Egypt
Performer – Rick Wakeman
216YesDear Father5:33
217YesTurn Of The Century (Rehearsal)6:59
218YesHeart Of The Sunrise7:50
219YesMachine Messiah10:26
220YesDear Father4:15
221YesEverydays (Single Version)6:24
222YesThe Messenger5:13
223YesI've Seen All Good People7:15
224YesParallels (Rehearsal)6:21
225YesHomeworld (The Ladder)9:34
226YesYours Is No Disgrace14:17
227YesStarship Trooper7:16
228YesSiberian Khatru8:59
229Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweBrother Of Mine10:22
230YesI'm Running7:38
231YesSouth Side Of The Sky7:58
232YesSaving My Heart4:42
234YesOwner Of A Lonely Heart4:44
235YesDon't Kill The Whale6:51
237YesYesterday And Today2:52
238YesNine Voices (Longwalker)3:21
239YesWalk Don't Run
Performer – Steve Howe
240YesFor Everyone4:36
244YesThe Prophet6:39
245YesMood For A Day2:52
246 32-Yes, Friends And Relatives CD1
247YesTurn Of The Century7:56
248YesAngkor Wat5:24
249YesMontreux's Theme2:38
251YesHarold Land5:47
252YesPerpetual Change9:36
255YesBe The One9:49
256 31-The Ladder
257 01-Yes
258YesSign Language3:28
259YesGiants Under The Sun (Studio Run - Through)17:18
260 07-Yessongs CD2
261YesBig Generator4:34
263 18-9012 Live The Solos
264YesCity Of Love4:52
265YesMood For A Day3:03
266YesEvery Little Thing6:49
267YesCan I1:32
268 12-Going For The One
269YesYours Is No Disgrace9:41
270 15-Yesshows CD1
271YesI Am Waiting7:26
272YesLove Shine4:38
273YesWe Have Heaven1:40
274 10-Tales From Topographic Oceans CD2
275 08-Yessongs CD2
277Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweTeakbois7:42
278 30-The BBC Recordings 1969 - 1970 CD2
279YesGive And Take4:29
280YesHeart Of The Sunrise11:33
281YesClose To The Edge18:43
282YesLong Distance Runaround3:30
283YesDoes It Really Happen6:34
284YesClose To The Edge19:41
285YesExcerpts From The Six Wives Of Henry VIII6:33
286YesSolly's Beard4:45
287Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweLet's Pretend2:57
288YesEndless Dream A. Silent Spring (Instrumental)1:54
289YesAlmost Like Love4:59
290YesMan In The Moon4:41


- Collection Of Recordings 1969-1998
- 33 Albums
- Over 30 Hours Of Sound
- Complete Anthology Of Creativity

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Yes - Yes 1969. Коллекция Записей 1969-1998 33 Альбома DVDr, DVD-D, Comp, Unofficial, MP3. Домашняя Коллекция. My choices are generally for the earlier material, The Yes Album, Fragile, Close To The Edge, Going For The One but I also like Drama and 90125 as well. Ответить Уведомить меня 2 Helpful. Yes is the eponymous debut studio album by English rock band Yes, released on 25 July 1969 by Atlantic Records. After forming in mid-1968, the band toured extensively across the United Kingdom with sets formed of original material and rearranged cover versions. They signed with Atlantic in early 1969, and entered Advision and Trident Studios in London to record their first album. Yes includes covers of Every Little Thing by the Beatles and I See You by the Byrds. The Yes Album - Yes. Лента с персональными рекомендациями и музыкальными новинками, радио, подборки на любой вкус, удобное управление своей коллекцией. The Yes Album. US Release Expanded & Remastered. Исполнитель: Yes. Другие версии альбома. 1971 2008 Remaster. 100 Greatest 80s: Ultimate 80s Throwback Anthems. Yes 2013 19 треков. 1 Owner of a Lonely Heart. 2 Long Distance Runaround. 3 Roundabout. 4 Don't Kill the Whale. 5 Our Song. 6 Hearts. Еще альбомы Yes. Live At Glastonbury Festival 2003. Yes 50 Live. Ilk Adim. email: admin. FIRST LOOK - Studio Album Box Set 1969-1987 - Yes - Продолжительность: 7:36 Darren Lock's Music. Nostalgamer Unboxes Yes All Studio Albums Discography Complete Collection On CD DVD And Vinyl - Продолжительность: 24:11 JohnTMorton 3 YES in 1969-1987. Bassist Chris Squire, singer Jon Anderson and drummer Bill Bruford started Yes in 1968. The following year, the group released its self-titled debut, mixing original material with totally reworked versions of song by groups like The Byrds and the Beatles. Yes dynamic sound resonated with fans around the world during the 1970s, when the group enjoyed both critical and commercial success with a string of now-classic albums: The Yes Album 1971, Fragile 1971, Close to the Edge 1972, the double album Tales from Topographic Oceans 1973, Relayer 1974 and Going for the One. На странице Вы можете бесплатно скачать любые альбомы и сборники песен группы Yes в mp3 качестве без регистрации и смс. Yes Albums total. Close to the Edge. The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection. Heaven & Earth. The Word Is Live. Something's Coming: The BBC Recordings 1969-1970. Browse artists

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