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  • Interprète: Smegma And The Nunz
  • Titre: We Took Their Money / Jokes On You
  • Ver. en format MP3: 1035 mb
  • Ver. en format FLAC: 2202 mb
  • Pays: US
  • Date de publication: 1983
  • Style: Punk
  • Label: Ripp Off Records Inc.
  • Classement: 4.3 of 5
  • Genre: Rock
Smegma And The Nunz - We Took Their Money / Jokes On You à Télécharger Gratuitement


1We Took Your Money
2Jokes On You
3 II
4 I


  • ProducerDewy, Cheatem & Howe


Novelty record consisting of hand-made photocopied labels pasted over discarded 7"s, which were sold/handed out when the band played the 1983 installment of Boston's Rock 'n' Roll Rumble.

Known records used to make these include Blondie "Island Of Lost Souls" and Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes ‎"Bad Luck". It is likely every copy is unique. The gluing job is very sloppy, with glue in the music grooves making some copies hard to play.

Cover states the title as "We Took Their Money", label states "We Took Your Money". Cover song order is opposite of labels. Band name is written on labels as "Smegma + The Nunz".

Sleeve is an offset printed fold-over.


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